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Oil-free piston pumps, max.vacuum -95kpa, max.pressure 800kpa.

New micro-pump Release

To be suppliedmicro vacuum pumps, micro-pump, Gas sampling pumps, micro piston pumps, micro-diaphragm pump, micro- rotary vane pump, micro-suction pump, mini-inflatable pump, DC micro-Gas Pump , AC micro-pump, micro brushless DC pump, micro-AC electromagnetic pump, pump accessories. click here to view the detailed structure diagram pump

DC Mini Gas Pump-variety GPMP and GPMPAC micro-Pumps and Oil-less Piston Vacuum Pump

DC micro-pump variety, covering from the 0-60L/min, vacuum 0-0.095mpa, pressure 0-0.18mpa, continuous working time of 200 hours to 5,000 hours, is characterized by low power consumption, flow large, small size ……more


single-head pump series double pump series
  1. GminiPA series

  2. GminiPB series

  3. GMPA series

  4. GMPB series

  5. GMPC series

  6. GMPD series

  7. GMPE series

  8. GMPF series

  9. GMPG series

  1. GDMPB series

  2. GDMPC series

  3. GDMPD series

  4. GDMPE series

  5. GDMPF series

  6. GDMPG series

  7. GFMPE series


Oil-less piston pump for laboratory, research, medical, instrumentation, environmentally friendly and provides a new pump, in particular DC oil-less piston pump, Overcome the shortcomings of the diaphragm pump, low noise, long life, the load May be run continuously. There were dozens of user choice. Flow rate :0-23L / min; Max. Vacuum -95kPa; pressure: 100-1000kPa.……more
single-head pump series double pump series
  1. GPMPA series

  2. GPMPB series

  3. GPMPC series

  4. GPMPD series

  5. GPMPE series

  6. GPMPF series

  7. GPMPG series

  8. GPMPH series

  9. GPMPJ series

  10. GPMPJ series

  1. GDPMPA series

  2. GDPMPB series

  3. GDPMPC series

  4. GDPMPD series

  5. GDPMPE series

  6. GDPMPF series




GWMP series of miniature water - gas and dual pump GLMP long life and micro-miniature vacuum pump

Miniature diaphragm pumps, ultra-quiet design uses more than 2000 hours of continuous operation in the current flow 400-600ml/min, can be used for printing, pharmaceutical, environmental, analytical instruments and other industries. Double pump can simultaneously or separately pumping and pumping.……more
single-head pump series double pump series
  • GWMP series

  • GDWMP series

The pump by long-life diaphragm and the brushless motor structure, long service life, suitable for long-line sampling, 58 × 35 × 44.5; weight: 97g. ……more


single-head pump series double pump series
  • GLMP series

  • GDLMP series

GMPAC Series AC mini and micro vacuum pump (special electromagnetic pump) Miniature rotary vacuum pump and air pump
Inspiration, encouragement; as a result of two-headed structure, flow stability; voltage can control the flow, long life. can be a continuous operation and long-term work, in the final exchange of electromagnetic pump, flow from the 0-40l/min, varieties GMPAC40, GMPAC30, GMPAC20, GMPAC15, GMPAC3.0:……more Latest smear as many as 6-7 pumps, flow from 0--30L/min, voltage adjustable, flow stability, without buffering, accurate, reliable control. Reliable control. Models: GRMPA, GRMPB, GRMPC ...... more
single-head pump series double pump series
  1. GRMPA series

  2. GRMPB series

  3. GRMPC series

  4. GRMPD series

  5. GRMPE series

  6. GRMPF series

  • GDRMP series

New mini-pump series Pump applications, instrumentation and related accessories
New high flow micro-piston pump, flow 15L/min or 25L/min. Pressures are 250kPa and 380kPa above. …… More silica gel tube, adjustable power regulator, filters, flow meters, etc. ……more
HLA-2 Manual Vacuum Sampler Series GXMP micro air pump series
The hand pump is mainly used for manual, gas sample collection, such as the detection tube sampling, in the absence of electric sites and places of safety and high sampling ……more Axial flow pump working in a lower negative pressure situations and characteristics of brushless axial fan, long life and can work continuously more than a year, especially for online sampling, atmospheric dust analyzer (which requires a small disturbance of the gas samples). not suitable for water gas and combustible gas occasions, long life dc pump is the most important feature may be a 24-hour continuous operation ……more
The company's new high-volume micro-piston pump, small size, flow rate, pressure and vacuum are high, negative: ≈ -80 kPa; positive :250-400kPa; flow 15-25L/min for users to choose.

The new GMPF micro diaphragm pump, a more rational structure, smaller, lighter, positive and negative pressure has increased, vibration, can be completely replace the existing GMPF.

Latest rotary as many as 6-7 pumps, flow from 0--30L/min, voltage adjustable, stable flow, without buffering, accurate, reliable control, ...... more.


series of micro-4 pump
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